Ride for Renewables

Written by Chrisna on .

R4R_Logo_forWeb_090110_final_smallestGreen energy advocate and carbon nation friend Tom Weis is riding 2,500 miles from Colorado to Washington, DC on a human-powered, electric-assist “rocket trike,” calling for a national goal of a 100% U.S. renewable electricity grid by 2020.

The ride and goal are backed by prominent environmental and business leaders demanding urgent action from Congress and the White House in response to a deteriorating global climate.

Sponsor Lester Brown, featured in carbon nation, President of Earth Policy Institute and author of Plan B 4.0, says the 100% by 2020 goal is “achievable,” citing precedents for such rapid economic conversions. “During World War II, America mobilized its resources at a stunning pace, leading the Allied Forces to victory in three-and- a-half short years,” he said. “We need a similar, American-led green energy mobilization today to save civilization.”