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 circle_wind_greenHost a carbon nation screening in your community!

We hope carbon nation will be used as a tool to inspire and inform communities across the country about climate change solutions.

Select the type of event you want to host and purchase the screening material. It is easy! We provide a DVD, and  supply you with digital materials, i.e. logo, photos, synopsis, poster artwork etc. to help promote the film. If preferred, we can also post the screening on our website and Facebook page to help promote your event. Additionally, we can arrange for Peter Byck, the director of the film to join your audience for a Q&A post-screening via Skype or in person, if you think your attendees would enjoy that bonus experience. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery or contact us for express shipping options at


Order Here:
Select your type of screening from the dropdown menu and order via Paypal.
DVD - Educational, Library, Community Screening Licenses

Question and Answer Session:
Skype : $250
In Person Speaking Appearance - for information:  
Email here
Please let us know if the cost is prohibitive, we will be happy to work with you to come to an affordable price – the most important thing to us is to get the film seen by a many people as possible. THANK YOU for your interest.

Download Resources:

"How to Arrange a Screening" Guide (doc) - including step-by-step information about hosting and promoting a screening, sample flyer, sample generic web post, sign in sheet, feedback form, order form and license agreement.

Production Notes (doc) - including detailed information about the cast and filmmakers, film synopsis, director's statement and more.

Poster Art (pdf)- add your screening information on the poster and get printed

Postcard Art  front & back (pdf) - add your screening information on the postcard and get printed

Sample Flyer (doc) - add your screening information on the sample flyer and get printed

'carbon nation' Logo (jpg) - design your own promotional material or use for website and blog postings

Production Photos & Press Kit(link) -  download still photos and more from the film at this link

Discussion Guide (pdf) - for post screening discussions and in the classroom

Trailer - Embed the 'carbon nation' trailer with the following code: <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Trailer .mov file

Press Release (doc) - Use the sample press release to inform local media about your event.


Contact us for assistance. Email here

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