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Newsletter, Edition 1


Welcome to the CARBON NATION community!

Thank you for your interest in the film and for taking part in our dialogue about climate change solutions.

We made this film for my Uncle Phil – a conservative who finds my liberal ways amusing. We made this film for the folks who see solutions to climate change as a national security issue – we have a chapter solely on the green hawks in the Dept. of Defense. We made this film for people who simply see huge profits to be made in energy efficiency. We made it for the great many Americans who don’t want to be told they’ve done something wrong, but do appreciate clean air and clean water.

We believe that CARBON NATION is an entertaining, non-preachy, non-partisan, positive primer about why it’s incredibly smart to be part of the new, low-carbon economy: it’s just good business.

Above all, we believe CARBON NATION is more than a film - it is a call to action for every student, entrepreneur, home owner, church group, military base and law maker, to understand that the solutions to climate change solve many issues - issues that will matter to everyone, whether they believe in climate change or not.

As we begin our journey towards the theatrical release of the film in February 2011, there are a number of things you can do to support its message and keep the conversation going:

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bernie_karlThe Wild Alaskan:
“Do I think man is causing global warming? No, but that doesn’t make any difference. I want clean water and I want clean air. And that’s so simple.” Read More



col.dan_nolanThe Army Colonel:
“Climate change in fact is a national security issue. This is no longer the purview of Birkenstock-wearing tree huggers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Read More



During the coming weeks...
...we’ll be sharing with you more solutions, more innovative ideas from around the world, and more stories that offer hope for the future. There will also be exclusive contests and information available only to those that receive this newsletter.

Since we started sharing CARBON NATION with audiences at screenings around the country, we’ve been amazed with the passionate response it invokes. We’re looking forward to sharing it with more audiences in the future and continuing to talk with all of you about how we can all be part of the solution.

- Peter Byck, Director


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